Night Visual (VFR-N) Course in Granada Spain

Get PPL (A) and Night Visual (VFR-N) in Granada

Nivel 195 Flight School is an E-ATO-140, authorized to provide flight training under EASA Part-FCL rules

Night Visual (VFR-N) Rating

This rating allows pilots to fly during night time in visual meteorological conditions. For pilots with a professional path, VFR (N) Rating is a requirement for Instrumental Rating.

Ground training

  • Taxi
  • Exit Procedures
  • Reference Normative, RCA y SERA
  • Local procedures, including ATC
  • Night circuit pattern
  • Approach and landing
  • Frustrated approach
  • Night navegation
  • Night emergencies
  • Medical and physiological aspects of night vision
  • Requirement to carry flashlights
  • Technique for the practice of forced landing
  • Emergency procedures at night

Flight Training 

4 hours flight with instructor

1 hour supervised flight




  • Night Flight Regulations and Limitations
  • Instrumental Flight Reference
  • Use of VOR and ADF
  • NormalOperation and Emergency Operation
  • Human Factors applicable to the Night Flight


Medical certificate class 2 without restrictions of perception of the colors.

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