Learn to fly in 3 days Granada, Spain - Nivel 195 Flight School

Initiation to Flight Course in Granada

Nivel 195 Flight School is an E-ATO-140, authorized to provide flight training under EASA Part-FCL rules

Learn how to fly an aircraft in 3 days

Learn to fly in a Piper PA-28

Learn to fly in a Piper PA-28

Low-wing aircraft with 4 seats, one of the most standardized flight school aircraft in the world for its nobility.

If you want to fulfill your dream of learning to fly, but still have doubts, this course is the best way to see how exciting it is to fly an airplane.




Learn to fly single engine aircrafts in Granada (Spain). Training with professional instructors who have wide experience in flight training.


Ground training

  • Introduction to the implementation of the flight plan
  • Weather reports
  • Radio Communications
  • Flight Controls
  • Procedures on the airplane
  • Session briefing

Flight training

  • Aircraft inspection
  • Starting procedure
  • Taxiing
  • Takeoff
  • Cruise flight
  • Turns

Ground training

  • The traffic circuit
  • The airspace
  • Introduction to flight instruments
  • Basic aerodynamics
  • Session briefing

Flight training

In this session we will continue with taxiing, take-off, ascents and descents, turns and traffic circuit


Ground training

  • Introduction to visual navigation
  • Route Planning

Flight training

The flight training will take place in a low-wing and 4 seats aircraft, in flight with departure Granada and destination Velez in Malaga


Session 1 and Session 2 have a duration of 45 minutes of flight and 1 hour of ground training, each one.


Session 3 has a duration of 1.5 hours of flight and 1 hour of ground training, in addition to the time needed to refuel the aircraft, if necessary.


Starting date for this course will be agreed with the student, and depending of availability of our aircrafts and flight instructors. It can be done monday to sunday.

The start date of the course and the days on which it will be held will be agreed according to the availability of airplanes and the student



  • The price of this course will be deducted from our Private Pilot Course PPL (A), if the student decides to continue his Pilot training in a short period of time
  • Airport Taxes Included

795 € vat incl

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