Drone Pilot Course

Get Your Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems in Granada

Nivel 195 Flight School  E-ATO-140 has designed this RPA’s Course under EASA Part-FCL rules

Why choose us?

The training of our flight school E-ATO – 140 is given by our own instructors. Professionals with high experience in Aviation that will make the course a great advantage for your future work. The ground training has been developed by ourselves to meet the AESA safety requirements while working with an RPA’s.


Without previous aeronautical knowledge you will learn everything necessary to operate Remotely Pilot Aircraft safely.

 Phantom II


Drone Pilot Course RPA’s

Our ground trainig is developed through E-learning platform. Our students are guided by our teachers through our online platform answering the doubts that arise through the personal study. This system makes the most of the free time available to our students, according to their work schedules or studies. In this platform you will have everything necessary to complete the course, as well as self-assessment exams. Once the online training is complete, before the theoretical exam you will be called to our classroom where our instructors will evaluate your knowledge.


  • Regulations
  • General aircraft Knowledge
  • Aircraft Performance
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation and charts
  • Operational procedures
  • Communications
  • Aeronautical phraseology
  • Human Factors Knowledge
  • ATC Advanced communications

Flight training

Knowledge and use of the specific aircraft to be operated. This course can be developed and certified by the aircraft manufacturer, the authorized operator or an ATO.


Included material

  • Plotter
  • Aeronautical Chart Set


Being at least 18 years old.

 Pilots operating aircraft up to 25 kg maximum take-off mass must hold at least a medical examination for the license light aircraft.

Pilots operating aircraft with a maximum mass exceeding 25 kg at launch they must hold at least a Class II medical certificate issued by a licensed medical facility or medical examiner.


Once you have completed the Drones Pilot Course (RPA’s) to begin your journey complying with the regulations of AESA it is essential to work for an Operator, or to register yourself in the Official Register of Aircraft Operators. We save you all this paperwork by providing you with a reliable paper handling service.

Ready to start your Flight Training?

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